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When I was thinking about how to present my work, it seemed unfair to show only a few of the best photographs of the most attractive subjects, as most photographers do. How can the customer be sure that the photographer will deal well with an unfavorable environment, or with the fact that the photographed subject, whether it is a person, product, interior, building and others, is simply not particularly photogenic  or interesting enough? And believe me, there are subjects like this to photograph mostly. So I decided to show everything. Well, it's not everything, but everything from the last time I can post. Older galleries captured by older equipment no longer have contemporary value, so I no longer present them here. And of course, some clients do not want their photos to be published on my website. This applies to practically all genres, but of course mostly portraits, which I present here only a small fraction of all those I have photographed. Anyway, there are almost 2.000 photos on the site at the moment, which I think is already a sufficient representative sample.


I have been photographing practically since childhood. It all started on a very amateur level in the early 80's, that time of course still on the film. The first experiences with the black chamber, the developing process and everything related to this time. Then came the first digital cameras. I remember the Sony Mavica camera, which recorded photos of about 1MPx on a 1.44" floppy disk. There was space for 6 pictures. But all this was normal photography without any professional ambitions. Everything changed a little later. As an architect and 3D graphic designer, I very often needed quality photos of locations, which I needed for a composition with 3D visualizations of buildings. I used to hire professional photographers for that, but I was never satisfied with their results, which complicated my work. So I decided to make these photos myself. I bought my first professional digital SLR camera and the first 2 lenses, and from that moment I got this amazing equipment in my hands, I discovered all the possibilities, rules and secrets day after day. At that time, my graphic and architectural studio was already offering a fairly wide range of services from 2D graphics, 3D graphics, and architecture and design in general. The possibility of owning a photo service was very beneficial for me. Initially, I used photography only for my graphic studio jobs. After a while, however, it spontaneously became another service, which I started to offer, and it is still so today, for almost 20 years.


As orders grew, new genres of photography brought new challenges that required more and more photographic equipment. Thanks to this, I already have my own studio for many years, equipped with everything necessary you need from flash lights through all kinds of light modifiers, colored backdrops, etc. Some of the flash units are powered by batteries, so it is possible to use them everywhere on locations out of range of electricity. I'm currently using the equipment from brands like Nikon, Lastolite, Godox, Fomei, Manfrotto and others. The most common size of supplied photos is 45Mpx, in the case of the need of cropping a little less or in the case of various compositions even more.